Ivan Angelov Panov

Ivan Angelov Panov - Prague, Czech RepublicIvan A.Panov was born on 28 April 1972 in Pleven, Bulgaria. He became interested in art already as a little boy, attending SUNDAY DRAWING, SCULPTING AND DESIGN CLASSES at his home town´s local cultural community centre.

After primary school he left for the town of Troyan at the foot of the Balkan Mountain range to study ceramics under professors Vladimir and Svetlana Kirov at a specialised five-year ART SCHOOL. He recived practical training at the largest ceramics workshop in Troyan.

Before turning 25 he left Bulgaria for further training in Prague. He got a job at the B&F Studio and worked there for almost two years.

In 1999 he founded Atelier Accent with his best friend. At the beginning, the Studio focused on making Ceramic Products for everyday use and interior decoration.

Ivan Angelov Panov - Prague, Czech RepublicIn 2006 he set up CERAMIC STUDIO PRAGUE along with an art school for beginners and all other interested parties.

Since then, many students have come to Ivan´s Studio young, old, beginners, artists, professionals. Using tailored one-to-one approach, Ivan teaches them to sculpt, design and create works of art, use different techniques and make small and big objects, including earthenware and vases.

Ivan A.Panov has been included in numerus exhibitions. Last year he had solo shows in DUBLIN, PRAGUE and DENMARK, while he had participated in many group shows before that. He was commissioned to make a special project for an AQUA PARK in ABU DHABI in United Arab Emirates by an Indian and American company – a map of Arab gulf based on an artefact almost 2000 years old, which stretches over 35 m2 and includes several fountains and reliefs at the entrance to the park. His work has been covered by several newspapers and magazines.

He has a guest in the Radio show of the Czech ROZHLAS, recording several commercials in his studio for czech and foreign products like MILKY WAY chocolate bar.
He is married and has 3 children. He lives and works in Prague.

1979-1986 Stojan Zaimov Primary School, Pleven, Bulgaria
1986-1991 High Art School, specialisation in ceramics, Troyan, Bulgaria

Professional Qualifications:
1998-2000 Ceramic workshop B&F Prague, Czech Republic
2000 Establishment ATELIER ACCENT in Prague, Czech Republic
2006 Establishment CERAMIC STUDIO PRAGUE and CERAMIC SCHOOL in Prague, Czech Republic

Ivan Angelov PanovGroup exhibitions:
1995 National exhibition St.Spiridon, Sofia, Bulgaria
1999 International exhibition of ceramic art Český Krumlov (Czech Krumlau)
2000 Summmer plastic art exhibition Bechyne, Czech Republic
2001 International exhibition of ceramic art Český Krumlov, Czech Republic
2003 Gallery Indigo, Prague, Czech Republic
2003 Summer plastic art exhibition Bechyně, Czech Republic
2004 Gallery Domino, Prague, Czech Republic
2005 U 3 koček Gallery, Neratovice, Czech Republic
2007 U brány Gallery, Úštěk, Czech Republic
2007 U Jakoba Gallery, Opava, Czech Republic
2007 BKI, Prague, Czech Republic
2008 Castle Lysice ,Lysice, Czech Republic
2008 Aquapark, Abu Dhabi, UAE
2009 Gallery Zozimus, Dublin, Ireland
2009 Gallery Domino, Prague, Czech Republic
2010 Gallery Zozimus, Dublin, Ireland
2010 Sct Maria Hospice, Vejle, Denmark

Solo exhibitions:
2009 Gallery Zozimus, Dublin, Ireland
2010 Gallery Zozimus, Dublin, Ireland
2010 Sct Maria Hospice, Vejle, Denmark
2010 Gallery Domino, Prague, Czech Republic
2010 Castle Podsreda, Podsreda, Slovenia
2010 Castle Grad, Grad, Slovenia

THE REINCARNATION OF IVAN A.PANOV (exhibition In The Back of the closed Door)

THE REINCARNATION OF IVAN A.PANOV (exhibition In The Back of the closed Door)The young artist, creator and writer Ivan A.Panov has found hiself in Antibes, which he has imbued with a new life and spirit, calling them a REINCARNATION of the revival of old values.

In his first exhibition in Slovenia, entitled NO EXIT, the artist sought to present what he is currently experiencing and to reveal all his feeling: love, joy, happiness, despair, pity, sadness and faith. He speaks of interrupted endeavours, faith in people and the destiny of different peoples and cultures. Through our imagination, he boldly brings people together in a Unique way in one place. He speaks about himself, but at the same time about everyone or else he talks about and reveals secrets about a man, a woman, shadows, and all of us who hide blind closed doors. With eyes wide open we stare into an infinite number of human destinies which the artists display in stories about mugs. Each is different and Unique and created with a great amount of energy. Each must be touched to hear stories about the old days, to feel the city, its streets, palaces and villas. Be patient, look into the past, and we will see scenes from Prague, Vienna, Graz and Budapest. We will see people mening these doors to feel the autumn wind or smell the summer aroma of lilac.

What was Panov dreaming of when he was creating art? He was dreaming of space, and of music which transcends space. He was dreaming of the art of the word, which is even more intricate that the art of music, as it encompasses music. He was dreaming of the fourth dimension, infinite numbers which cannot be calculated. He was dreaming of a bare wall. He dreams of things, books, symbols and Unique happiness.

When we consider the works of Ivan Panov, we sense an endless kingdom, space, the micro and macro World, the future and the past, nostalgia for times lost, untouchability, a woman. Through his art we discover things that everyone discovers: love, passion, courage, the yearning to be someone else, irony, friendship, life. The artist will continue to work in his studio – called the JUNK ROOM and horridly discover a city of blind clocks, fake trees, the injustice and imperfection of the tangible World.

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  • Ivan Angelov Panov - Krit
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