About Ceramic Studio Prague

Ceramic Studio Prague, Pottery art

Our pottery programme covers all the basic making techniques and gives students the opportunity to work with a full palette of clays.

It includes courses for absolute beginners as well as workshops for experienced advanced students. Surface decoration is emphasised in our new courses, which introduce a whole range of new techniques. Colourful tile making in deep relief and large-scale decorative-usefull ceramics are offered here for the first time.

  • Throwing and turning, hand building, modelling, press moulding and simple mould making
  • Decorative techniques including brushwork, stencils, resists, coloured inlay, slips and glazes
  • Courses devoted specifically to earthenware
  • Glazing
  • Functional tableware
  • Sculptural forms and vessels, including those on an animal theme
  • Pots, dishes, vases, figures and large-scale ceramic sculptures
  • Tiles